Located in the eastern half of Lower Park is the oldest building at Peterhof, Monplaisir (literally “My Pleasure”). This is where Peter the Great lived while overseeing construction of the main Imperial residence, and, as was typical with Peter, he greatly preferred this modest Dutch-style villa to his later, more extravagant living quarters. The house is open to the public and makes for a pleasant tour. Some of its most interesting rooms are the Lacquered Study, decorated with replicas of panels painted in the Chinese style (the originals were destroyed during World War II); Peter’s Naval Study; and his bedroom, where some personal effects, such as his nightcap and a quilt made by his wife, are on display. Attached to Peter’s villa is the so-called Catherine Wing, built by Rastrelli in the mid-18th century in an utterly different style. The future Catherine the Great was staying here at the time of the coup that overthrew her husband and placed her on the throne; the space was later used mainly for balls.